Craigslist Software makes Auto Posting & Managing Ads a Breeze!

This Craigslist Software does EVERYTHING; it keeps your ad on top and it makes it so those stupid flagging and ghosting problems don’t affect you anymore. It auto-creates account, auto rotates titles and pictures, lets you create and post nice HTML ads, lets you schedule ad posting, allows you to post across multiple cities and multiple categories, provides reports, helps you with IP changing and pretty much puts everything on ‘can’t touch me’ and auto-pilot status.

It makes it a lot easier to manage your ad campaigns and you can run tons of ads and campaigns easily and with a few clicks.  This also helps immensely to avoid the dreaded Craigslist Ad Ghosting nonsense because you can use many different accounts.

It does everything you need, including:
  • automatically creating accounts
  • auto ad submission to multiple cites & categories as well as the ability to schedule ads
  • picture, title and email rotation
  • ability to create nice HTML ads and post them
  • IP addy change
  • see reports instantly
  • and TONS more! They even have an optional CAPTCHA bypass system
This program allows you to easily manage your Craigslist marketing (and there is additional software for Kiji and Backpage too) and not worry about the silly flagging and ghosting because it will help you make sure your ad continues to get posted and the rotation methods help you avoid the ghosting issue.

Things you should know before using:

  • it doesn’t work with Window 7 at this time (there will probably be plans to for this in the near future)
  • it doesn’t work on Mac BUT you can install Parallels to run any Windows based program on a Mac so it can still run on Mac if you install Parallels
  • you have to have .net framework installed and Microsoft Visual C++ (you probably do but just don’t know it but if you don’t they are VERY easy to install & free).  A lot of programs require these so, again, you probably already have them but if you don't,  you should install them anyways because many programs use them).
  • you need Internet Explorer 7 or below. Even if you don’t use IE, you just need it installed on your computer (and you probably do because it’s on Windows computers by default) You don’t have to use IE yourself, the program just uses it
With this software you can ensure your ad stays at the top all of the time, hands-free; again you avoid stupid flagging & ghosting issues; you can post across multiple cities and categories and more. It’s well worth the one-time investment and their support is GREAT! You won’t find another program like it, believe me I’m always looking for and using various auto programs. It took me a while to find this one and I’m hooked, it’s even better than the last one because it has a few more features and offers the optional CAPTCHA bypass solution.

Increase your Craigslist (and Kiji and Backpage if you use those) success NOW with this easy to manage Craigslist Software.